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The California Labor Code are the workers compensation laws (work comp) for injured workers seeking  money and help for a work related injury or illness.

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Labor Code 5401 - Employer must provide injured worker a claim form.

Your employer must give you with a workers comp claim form within one day.  You must provide your employer written notice of your injury as soon as possible. The  claim form is a legal document, and has legal implications. The Labor Code, under today's work comp laws, says you may get nothing if you are fired before filing a claim. 

 Labor Code 5402 - Employer has 90 days to deny or accept your claim.

 Your employer has 90 days from the time your claim is submitted to deny or  accept your claim. Denial of your claim gets you no benefits. You will need to file an  appeal, which also may be denied. Employers deny claims and hope the injured  worker will not try to appeal. 

 Labor Code 3600 - Employee gets benefits even if totally at fault. 

 Employees are entitled to benefits even if the employee is totally at fault for the injury.  Your employer may try to say you are not an employee, but an independent contractor,  and thus not entitled to any benefits. 

Labor Code 4656 to 4658 - Temporary and permanent disability benefits.

An injured worker may receive temporary disability benefits of 2/3 regular salary for up to 2 years. However, there are many exceptions where the injured worker is denied this benefit, or where the insurance company underpays the injured worker. Permanent disability is a one time lump sum payment based on your permanent injuries. 

 Labor Code 4600 - Medical care and procedures for the injured worker.

 Workers' compensation insurance must provide for all medical treatments, medications,  procedures, and therapy for the injured worker. You have a right to select your own  doctors, and have your workers compensation attorney help you select these doctors. 

Workers Compensation attorneys have enormous input on all benefits.

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